Monday, April 21, 2008

Ruins Terra et. al.

While I've been writing fiction since I was very young, my stuff did not get out of the "It's Crap, but my mom will tell me she loves it" stage until after college and my first post-college job. I wrote occasionally, doing mainly short stories, but also thinking about working on "the novel" -- or as I like to call it, "the giant elephant sitting and pooing in the corner of the room."

I didn't really start working or producing as a writer until I joined a writing group here in Fort Worth, Texas. Ironically, this name of this group of talented writers is called "Writing Group." For any fledgling, failing, flailing, or floundering authors out there, I highly recommend you join a quality writing group. That and read Stephen King's non-fiction book, On Writing. The individuals in this group are wicked smart, fun, caring, and can be brutally honest about each other's work. That honesty and other external input, I find, is greatly needed to produce good writing. Since we meet every two weeks, I am also driven to write and consistently come up with... something, where I might have wussed out and done nothing before.

It was also because of my writing group that a story of mine, "Airholes," was cleaned up and improved. They even gave me some suggestions on where to submit and that is how I got my first publishing! In Ruins Terra, "Airholes" is comingled with some great stories by authors like Adele Cosgrove-Bray, Jenny Blackford, Leila Eadie, Kfir Luzzatto, and Brendan Connell. Let me take this moment to thank the editor of Ruins Terra, Eric T. Reynolds, for including my story and Jonathan Shipley for introducing me to the anthology. You can read Jonathan's story in the twin anthology, Ruins Extraterrestrial.

As this blog turns, I will be including some short stories I have written -- and put to the writing group test. We'll see how you like 'em!

Lead a dog to water and he will lap it up and slobber on you...

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