Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TGAPGeorge, the Escapist

Woot! Today is a good day. Today I join the ranks of fine authors and video artists at The Escapist Magazine.

I came across the Escapist by way of a post on Digg. It was about the new video review of Army of Two by Zero Punctuation, a game I was thinking about playing. (Never did)

Here's his latest review:

I had never heard of Z.P. or Yahtzee, but one minute into the video clip I almost crapped my pants in laughter.

Since then I have eagerly waited for Tuesdays to read the Escapist's feature articles of the week, and for noon on Wednesdays when they post the new triumph from Yahtzee. So,when it came up, I jumped at the chance to contribute.

So go check out my article Aggro Management at the Escapist magazine. Let me know what you think!

Waiting for server maintenance to be done...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic read! I just know I will be back end of Nov to read about your Thanksgiving :p


Anonymous said...

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